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About Word and Character Counter

Word count is the number of words in a document or passage of text, whether it is a story, a novel, business report, a blog post, a sales letter or a magazine article.

Word counting may be needed when a text is required to stay within certain numbers of word counts. This may particularly be the case in blog posts, Search engines meta descriptions, academia, legal proceedings, journalism and advertising. Word count is commonly used by article writers to fix their price per article they write. It is used by translators to determine the price of a translation project. Word counts may also be used to calculate measures of readability and to measure typing and reading speeds in words per minute.

Why is Word Count Important?

Here is a lists of reasons why you want to count words in your document.

  • An article writer who charges $xx amount for 500, 1000 words of article.
  • Writing title tags usually 70+ characters and meta decsriptions usally 160 characters.
  • You're always optimizing post length for Twitter (160 characters)
  • You are assigned a 500-word essay on a subject in school and you need to stay within the required word count.
  • You're trying to stay within 1000 words for your email newsletter
  • You are a professional blogger who writes 400-500, 600-700, 800 and 1,000-word blog posts.
  • You write novels and you are required to write 80,000 word novels.

Word Count is very important because content of any media is affected by it's word count. For example, a novel will always be longer 50,000-80,000 words than a magazine article which is usually 1000 words max.

In the same way, some types of novels will be longer than others. A short story is usually over 1000 words but also less than 20,000 words. So there are short stories of word count ranging anywhere between them. What about novels? There are 50,000 word novels, 80,000, 100,000 and even 120,000. The length depends on your book genre and what your publisher wants.

How to Check Word Count

When writing your content, there are many distraction-free text editors that are useful if you want to write in a relaxed environment without interruption from graphical toolbars, reminder beeps, distracting interfaces and so on. Every successive release of Microsoft Word comes with even more bells and whistles and you often find yourself spending more time with the menus than actually writing.

There are many kinds of text editors, some of which are more suitable for expert developers, and others for beginners and writers. The best ones provide ease of collaboration, real-time code sharing, and more.

Some times you want to worry yourself about the word count after your writing is done. There are online word count checkers you can paste your article into. They will give you the total word count, character counts and sometimes pagragraphs and other details like keyword density. We always recommend a suitable free tool like SEOCentralTools Word Counter Pro Tool. Its one of the best free word counter tools and its completely free to use

It tracks many statistics for you: the total number of pages, paragraphs, line, words, and characters. It distinguishes between the total number of characters in your document with or without including spaces.

SEOCentralTools Advanced Word Counter Tool

This is an advanced tool compared to our basic Word Counter tool. The basic word counter tool only gives you the number of words and number of characters in a document or article. You can checkout our our Word Counter tool.

SEOCentralTools Advanced Word Counter Tool is a free SEO tool that helps you count and calculate the number of words, characters, keyword density and more in a text or article.  This advanced tool is very simple and easy to use. It gives you much more details including the number of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, reading level, reading time, speaking time and keyword density of the most used words.. This tool is very helpful for professional content writers and SEO writers.

To know the number of words and characters in your content, check out Advanced Word Counter Tool from SEOCentralTools.com.

All you need to do is follow the steps below for a quick check:

1. Visit SEOCentralTools.com and go to the Web Page Size Checker Tool Page.
2. Copy your content and just paste it into the document window and hit the count word button.
3. SEOCentralTools will show tou the word count and other details

The Advanced Word Counter Tool is part of our robust 100% free online SEO tools.

This is what you will see if the website is up:



Use this tool at any time to count your words no matter the document type and the keyword density feature allows you to edit your keywords and avoid keyword stuffing. This is not just any word counter, it's the best wourd counter tool and its completely Free to use.


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