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Being on a Domain Name System Blacklists List (DNSBL) is never a good thing. This can cause failed email delivery issues or bounce-backs. And generally, this is not great for your brand reputation as this can cause you to be alienated from your prospects, causing huge financial losses.

So, make sure to find out check - especially if you are having failed email deliveries, if you domain, your hosting server or your email provider has been blacklisted.

Check if your domain/email/IP address is blacklisted with the Website Blacklist Checker tool from SEOCentralTools. Website Blacklist Checker tool provides a single place where you can check the blacklist status of your mail server's IP address on hundreds of different blacklists databases. To start just enter your domain name or the IP address of your mail server and press the "Check" button.

What is DNS Blacklists and How Does it Work?

The number of email sent over the internet on a daily basis is approximately 80 to 95% spam. Becuas of such large numbers, public blacklists of email servers and IP addresses was created to prevent repeat offenders from relaying spam.

DNS Blacklists or DNSBL, are SPAM Database Servers or blocking lists that allow a webmasters to block messages from a number of mail servers or IP addresses which have been reported as sending out repeated spam. These lists are managed by 3rd-party agencies such as SORBS and SpamHaus.

These lists are based on the Internet's Domain Name System, which converts domain names like into IP address such as or vice versa, making the lists much easier to read, use and search.

DNS Blacklists database also check the addresses of spam sending computers, listing the addresses of ISPs who mostly host spammers, or addresses which have sent spam to a honeypot system. Many anti-spam apps and programs use these lists to control spam by blocking emails sent from any of the blacklisted domains.  

Why do Domains or IP Address Get Blacklisted?

There are many reasons why your domain might be on the blacklists. Different blacklists have their own criteria on what can land you on their list. Some of them are:

  • Your email address have been reported as sending repeated spam messages.
  • Your ISP (or even a country) is blacklisted. Your domain may be simply be in the region affected by the policy.
  • Your server (ISP, email provider) lacks proper configuration, server misconfiguration, DNS record errors, missing banners or has malware.
  • Your IP has been linked to email compromise attacks.

These are some of the most common reasons which can land you on a DNS-based blacklist. Delisting depends on the specific list and the reason that got you blacklisted.

How to Delist Your domain or IP address from Blacklists

If for any reason your emails are not delivering to inboxes, ylou should check if your domain or hosting provider has been blacklisted. You should check the SPAM Database Server lists and try and get your domain delisted. You'll want to remove your domain from blacklists as soon as possible because they're often shared between all the different SPAM Database Servers.

One of the ways to do this is to make sure you are using a VPS server or dedicated server for your emails. Sharing servers is one of the ways to easily end up in the spam database. If you believe you've fixed the root cause of the listing, by ensuring spam isn't being sent, head to the blacklist providers websites and follow their blacklist-removal process.

If you follow all the steps outline for you, your domain will be removed from the blacklists and you can send emails to your customers without ending up in the spam boxes.

How to Check if Your Domain or IP is Blacklisted?

To check if your domain or IP address is blacklisted, check out Website Blacklist Checker Tool from Our Website Blacklist Checker tool is free to use and is an excellent tool that gathers results from major blacklists database. This DNSBL checker tool checks from different sources to ensure your email marketing goes on as planned. The Blacklist Lookup Tool is part of our robust 100% free online all-in-one SEO tools.

All you need to do is follow the steps below for a quick check:

1. Visit and go to the Website Blacklist Checker Tool Page.
2. Enter the URL of your website address in the search field and press the Check button.
3. SEOCentralTools will scan some of the top DNS-based blacklists to check if your domains or IP addresses are on them.

This is what you will see if the website is up:



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