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About Online Ping Website Tool

Every time you create a new blog post, there are a number of things you really need to do. The newly added post needs to be shared to the search engines for quick indexing including all theyour appropriate social networks and groups. Normally, you would have an XML Sitemap file on your website that automatically updates itself and communicates new content to search engines like Google, but what about the major blog directories? If you dont have an XML sitemap, then consder creating one with our SEOCentralTools XML Sitemap File Generator...

That's where pinging comes in. There is no doubt that ping websites can be fantastic when it comes to indexing your blogs or sites into popular search engines and web directories within a short period of time. The best part of this is that you do not have to have any exclusive knowledge or skill for performing this. You just submit your updated URL's to ping sites and that's it. Before we show you how to ping your website, let's talk more about the importance of pining your blog or website.

The Importance of Pinging Your Blog or Website

There are a few reasons that you should be pinging your blog or website. Whenever a blog pings, many background processes happen which will get your blog quickly indexed by the search engines as well as bring additional traffic from many other sources like the directories.

  • You can use these ping websites to submit and change the content to the various search engines.
  • You can build more backlinks on these websites
  • You enhance your search visibility on the various search engines that pick up the ping
  • Ping websites can help you to get your website or blog indexed really fast.

Pinging is such an essential way to promote your blog posts, because it submits them to hundreds of directories at one time. This is a substantial marketing tool that you cannot afford to ignore or forget. Not only are you letting internet users know that you have fresh, new content on your blog, you are informing the search engines to take a look, too. Any tool that can get you in touch with the search engines is a tool you must use.

So this in essence can create a large wave of traffic from the directories that is sure to help boost your page rank. Page rank boost in turn, will get you listed higher on search engine result pages which is the goal of any website owner.

How to Ping Your Blog or Website

If you have a WordPress website, it should already be configured by default to automatically ping every time you click on the ‘Update’ button. You should install and utilizing some plugins like WordPress Ping Optimizer plugin which will ping for you easily after every content update.

Problem with some of these plugins is they are sometimes limited in the number of blog pinging services built into it. So, there are a number of websites and online tools that you can use. We like to use the SEOcentralTools Onlne Ping Website Tool.  SEO Central Tools Online Ping Website Tool is a free SEO tool that helps ping your website to all the search engines to index your New Content Quickly. The Online Ping Website Tool is part of our robust free online SEO tools.

All you have to do is enter the URL of your blog and initiate the ping. It will likely take just a moment, and then the services connected to that ping tool will have been updated.

How to Ping with the SEOcentralTools Onlne Ping Website Tool

SEOcentralTools Onlne Ping Website Tool can ping your website or blog to the directories and search engines about your new content. Enter your website address or URL and add the title of your content there. You can add updated URL or new blog post, add RSS feed URL and Now click on the button submit to let the search engines be aware of this new content.

Toping your website or blog to the directories and search engines, check out Onlne Ping Website Tool from

All you need to do is follow the steps below for a quick ping:

1. Visit and go to the Onlne Ping Website Tool Page.
2. Enter the URL of your website address in the search field and press the Submit button.
3. SEOCentralTools will ping your website to search engines and directories.

This is what you will see if the website is up:


The tool will submit your website to all the aggregate services and you should get a success links like this



This will help the search engine to index your website and make the website accessible for viewing by internet audience. With help of index your website will reach the search engine result pages where people can find easily.


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