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About Keyword Rank Checker

Keywords are a fundamental part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When searchers use search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Bing, they use phrases, and these are called keywords. These keywords can form a link between well-optimized sites and the searcher. A sound keyword strategy will increase your chances of tour website being featured on the search engine’s results page, and it is important to know how well your strategy and website are performing by tracking your rank positions for these keywords.  


Why Do You Need to Track Keywords?

Whatever online business you do, you need sound marketing. One of the best ways to market your business or product, is to do SEO and target the right keywords for your business. Monitoring your keyword ranking will help you detect search trends to recognize what your target market demands. Knowing this will help you improve your chances of reaching your target market online.

Checking the site position in Google is also crucial for SEO itself. Analyzing the changes in rankings, you can draw conclusions about the efficiency of links built and keywords chosen. High position indicates that the keywords are well-chosen and the Search Engine Optimization process is well optimized. However, a remote SERP ranking clearly shows the website requires work, i.e. optimization.

Monitoring a large selection of keywords that best describe your product and services will also show you which keywords consistently yield results, so you can implement them in your sales pages, articles and update posts that aren’t ranking well. You’ll also be able to identify keywords you are not targeting but relevant to your services or products that are trending. By keeping an eye on these, you can start using new keywords that are similar to what you were initially trying to rank for. If done correctly, this can actively boost your SEO and move your website from inner pages up to page one in the SERPs.

How to Check your Keyword Rank Position

There are two ways to check for your rank positions in the search engines. The first is manually searching for your site presence by typing your keywords in the search. Just simply google a keyword relevant to the page you want to find out about and scroll through the search pages until you see your website for each keyword. First of all, lots of spare time is needed for this as you dont really know where your site might be in the search.

You can play around with geolocalization settings, as it modifies the search results dramatically. SERP looks completely different if geolocalized in a particular city, then in a country in general. For this reason, the manual method is not entirely reliable. There is always a possibility that the end result is distorted by many factors. On top of that, it really takes a lot of time and you are simply not able to check ranks for a larger number of keywords.

You can use a second method which is by using a Rank Checker Tool. There is a handful of tools made to track your website’s search engine rankings, most often used by advanced professional SEO experts. There are so many paid tools that come with free trials and can cost around $99/ month on average. There are also free tools that do a good job of checking your keyword positions. One of the best free tool for checking your rank position is the SEOCentralTools Keyword Rank Checker.

SEOCentralTools Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Checker tool from allow you to check and track your keyword rankings online with 100% accuracy as it uses the Yahoo and Google rank api. SEOCentralTools Keyword Rank Checker is a free SEO tool that allows you to check your website page' position or ranking for a keyword on Google or Yahoo. The Keyword Position Checker is part of our robust 100% free online SEO tools.

Whether you want to audit your website, undertake keyword research or simply conduct some competitive research, you need a good keyword rank checking tool to get the job done.

One of the best thing about this tool is that it can track your position for multiple keywords at once. It also allows daily checks and doesn’t limit the frequency of ranking checks.

All you need to do is follow the steps below for a quick check:

1. Visit and go to the Keyword Rank Checker Tool Page.
2. Enter your website URL, then enter the keywords you want to rank for on separate lines in the next section. press the Check button.
3. SEOCentralTools will show you your website page position for each keywords.

This is what you will see if the website is up:



First Enter your website URL, then enter the keywords you want to rank for on separate lines in the next section. Then go to "check positions" to track your positions up the number selected. It can track positions up to 500th position on Google and Yahoo. Finally click on "find keyword position" and the tool will give you results for the positions for each keyword. Analyzing the changes in rankings, you can draw conclusions about the efficiency of links built and keywords chosen. Continue to track your progress daily and continue to tweak your SEO strategy along the way.


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