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Computers Hardwares on the Internet are located by IP addresses. Given an IP address, you can find any webserver on the Internet. An IP address is a string of numbers separated by periods that acts as a unique identifier for hardwares on the internet or a local network. IP stands for "Internet Protocol" which is the set of rules that govern the format of data sent via the internet or a local network.

Normally, Every website on the internet has one or more IP (Internal Protocol) addresses assigned to it. And because IP addresses are difficult to remember, domain names were invented to replace IP addresses. However, the webserver every website is hosted on cannot be found directly through the domain name. This can only be found through domain name resolution.

Domain resolution is also called domain pointing, server settings, domain configuration, reverse IP registration, and so on.

For example, if a domain name is, if you want to visit the website, it must be resolved. First, it will be resolved to a fixed IP of a WEB server: 411.YYY.214.1. through a dedicated DNS server from the domain registrar. Then, the domain name is received through the Web server, and the domain name is mapped to this server. Then, enter the domain name to access the website on the internet. This is the basic process of DNS resolution.

You may not be concerned with the IP address of any random website, but it is crucial to know the IP address of your own website.

Website IP address can be beneficial if:

  • You want to divert website-blocking applications
  • You want to block specific websites
  • You are looking for the geographic location of a web server


How to Check IP Address of any Domain Name

You can check the IP address of any website through DNS resolution. There are many free tools like the SEOcentralTools Domain into IP Lookup Tool. SEO Central Tools Domain into IP Converter is a free SEO tool that lets you check the host IP of a domain name by Converting a domain name into IP address. The Domain into IP Tool is part of our robust 100% free online SEO tools.

All you need to do is follow the steps below for a quick check:

1. Visit and go to the Domain into IP Lookup Tool Page.
2. Enter the domain name into the Domain to IP converter tool and press the Check button.
3. SEOCentralTools will query the website DNS server and return the IP address that corresponds to that domain name.

This is what you will see if the website is up:



This will query a DNS server and return the IP address that corresponds to that domain name.



You can search for your own website IP or any website IP on the internet by uisng this tool.


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